Consultancy Services
Consultancy can have a different meaning for different people so let’s just outline what
D W - Telecom Consultancy means to us, and what it could mean to you.

To start with, a lot of Communication Companies, especially if they have large overheads, set monthly targets for their sales teams to meet. The individual members of these teams are made aware that failure to meet targets can mean the end of their employment with the company. Being under such pressure to perform can result in a conflict of interests between themselves and their customers.

One of two things tends to happen under these circumstances. Firstly, the salesman will try and sell whatever they can to guarantee themselves the best possible margins, or secondly they will resort to selling whatever they can get away with a sale, regardless of its suitability, as long as it fits into their customer’s budgetary guidelines, and means they get the deal. When this happens, its not till the Communication Companies project management or engineering teams come to ask the customer what their specific requirements are and later tell them they can not be achieved with the equipment they have brought, that they realise their best interests were not given top priority.

At D W - Telecom our policy is to sell the correct solution to our customers, based on their specific needs. We feel strongly that when buying any new equipment, whether it's a whole new communications package or merely an add-on peripheral item, which our customers should be given a choice of products that can deliver the type of service and performance that best meets with their requirements in today's fast changing, communications marketplace.

For us, this is where real consultancy comes into play. Without spending time listening to our customers and gaining a full understanding of what they hope to gain from their communications equipment, how could we ever hope to achieve the targets we set ourselves in our sales policy? The promise we make to our customers is that all advise and consultancy we give is based purely on these simple but proven values.

Typical Consultation Topics

-Our company is expanding; can our existing telephone system still cope with our changing requirements?

-Are there any new communication products available on the market that we should be taking advantage of?

-Are we making best use of our voice mail system, what else could it be doing for us?

-We have heard a lot about structured cabling infrastructures, should we be looking to adopt such a system ourselves?

-Do we need all the telephone lines that we currently rent, can we cut down on our monthly spend with BT?

-Are there any other ways our communication equipment can tell us if our staff are all working effectively and being best utilised?

-Are there ways to actually generate money from advertising our telephone number as opposed to costing?

-We intend to run a new advertising campaign, can you advise us about dedicating some numbers to the various adds?

-Would there be any changes we need to make on our telephone system programming that would help us to get the best results from it?

-Can our communication equipment provide us with information to show us how effective our advertising has been in specific areas?

-Our company has two other sites. Can we link them together and save money on call charges?

-Can our telephone system work more closely with our computer software to provide us with a more efficient work process?

-Could you evaluate our understanding of our systems and then recommend any training courses that we could attend that would help us to work with them more effectively?

To sum it up, we believe good consultancy is all about ensuring that our customers are given the best advice available to them regarding their communication requirements. We believe that this advice should be pro-actively offered if it's available, rather than our customers are sitting there waiting and wondering

If you would like any more information on our consultancy services or if you're seeking advice on how to get more from your communication systems, please give us a call on 01522 718225, We're waiting to take your call and would be happy to offer you our services and advice.

Dereck Wintin

D W – Telecom.